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Our programs range from 3 to 6 hours a day, 3 to 5 days a week — depending on the level of care needed.

Best alcohol and drug detox in Temecula – we are the most utilized withdrawal center, treating women, men and teens with proven detox methodologies under the care of our expert staff. Our main center is in Temecula and we work with individuals needing detox, withdrawal help from all over Riverside County. Our reputation for excellence and care brings up into the top performing programs in the County and state, used by thousands since we’ve opened in 1986. In drug or alcohol detox center therapy, we work very closely with local physicians, nurses, and hospitals to create a program tailored for you, to help you undergo as comfortably as possible the withdrawal process. Successful alcohol and drug detox center Moreno Valley, Jurupa Valley. Murrieta, Corona, Eastvale, all Riverside.


This process is not a race for us or for you! Our drug and withdrawal process is coordinated with the patient’s effort to maximize their chances of establishing long-term recovery and the promise of a normal, healthy, happy life.


Feelings of shame are common. This feeling often keeps people from seeking help. We are committed to helping every patient gradually re-establish balance in their lives and immerse themselves in their own addiction detox program. Best drug and alcohol detox withdrawal program center for Temecula, Riverside and all Riverside County towns.

Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment’s medical director can prescribe medications to meet patients withdrawal needs at the Ambulatory Detox and PHP levels of care. This process is overseen by our onsite nurse.

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If you’re stuck, overwhelmed, or tired, and you need help finding your way forward call Hill Recovery today.